Helloo! I’m now back in freezing Finland from my week-long vacation in Dubai. I didn’t really know what to expect from this city and I was honestly a little worried about all their laws and rules that I had read about online. To my surprise, Dubai is now one of my absolute new favorite cities.

My friend Essi and I got this idea during the Miss Suomi tour. We had agreed that if we didn’t place we would book a flight somewhere warm asap.

Almost as good as getting a crown 😉

We stayed at “Atana hotel”. We picked this hotel because of all the amazing pictures they had on their website of the pool. To our disappointment, however, the pool was located in between two really tall buildings which meant it was in the shade almost all the time.

We ended up not stepping foot in our own pool once.


We found great deals online for Day Passes to fancier hotels, allowing us to use their pools instead. The prices varied quite a bit but the ones we chose never exceeded 30 euros. That price also included food and drinks.

We also got to go on a boat trip along the Marina all the way to the Burj al Arab, which made for the best day ever.

Getting around in Dubai is very easy and affordable. They have two separate taxis; black ones and regular yellow ones. The yellow ones are much more affordable and very clean and comfortable.

Pictured above is my absolute favorite spot. It’s a restaurant called “shades” located at the top of the Marina Mall. Its perfect for a glass of wine and some shisha. If I had to picture a perfect setting and vibe, this place would be it. Definitely, a must see if you’re ever in Dubai!

Overall, a week is not nearly enough when visiting this city. We strayed away from the typical tourist spots and had a relaxing tanning and eating vacation instead. Safe to say I need a couple extra gym sessions after this trip….but definitely worth every single calorie 😉

If you have any questions about specific places we went to feel free to come ask in my instagram DM’s @beatapapp

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