Hellooo, I wanted to write this post in Finnish but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the letter “ä” without copying it and pasting it from somewhere on this keyboard so I’m giving up and maybe by next time I’ll have figured it out….

BUT that’s not the point of this post! I want to write about an amazing opportunity I got through the Miss Suomi competition. We were asked to be on a couple episodes of a Finnish tv show called “Tuurin Kylä kauppias”

We were given a bunch of different tasks to complete throughout the day. For the first task we were put into pairs, and since there were only seven of us girls I was lucky enough to be paired with a secret guest Riitta Väisänen (!!!!) For those of you who don’t know, she was Miss Europe in 1976.

I can confidently say that she is by far my new favourite “missi”. She was beyond funny and fun and I could’ve listened to her stories for hours. She’s one of those people that are so fun to be around without really even trying.

For our task, we had 30mins to go out and get a promotion worthy picture from anywhere in the huge “kyläkauppa” …this was our result

For our photo props we used Tuuri’s own chocolate and coffee. I didn’t get a chance to taste the coffee but I might’ve had a few too many pieces of the delicious chocolate…but only because I absolutely had to for our promo video;)

…and that was our video! I honestly had so much fun working with Riitta and I hope someday I get the opportunity again.

Next we were taken to a stage where we had to have a 30second speech about why you should visit Tuuri. I, unfortunately, didn’t get any pictures from the stage (I think we were all too nervous to think of photos) but if you followed my story on Instagram that day I think I got at least some of it on there! (@beatapapp)

After that, we went around the store and interviewed some of the shoppers! I got to interview these two suuuper cute little boys. One of them loved the attention and cameras, but the other one was really shy and started to almost cry when he couldn’t think of an answer to something I asked, I felt so bad! But towards the end, he warmed up and started to gain more confidence and ended up loving being on TV.

Throughout the day we had Teuvo Loman and Sunneva Kantola with us and they made the trip so much fun.

I’m sure you can see why

We had a few other tasks that day that included a pretend job interview video as an employee for any store in Tuuri, as well as having to try to memorize a full page of text and seeing how much we could recite on camera after studying it for two minutes….

All I can say is that, if that had been a real test of my memory I would probably be sent to a hospital for a brain test since I remembered maaaybe one sentence. But to my defense, we had been going around the store doing different tasks so I’ll just blame it on being tired 😉

We spent the night in “Kyläkauppa OnnenTähti” which was connected to the store and had the prettiest balcony! Naturally, all of us girls wanted a photo shoot on said balcony as soon as we saw the room.

The next morning a couple of us got to join a game show “Miljoona Tonni” along with Riitta, Teuvo and Sunneva and a few others. It was so much fun and what made it even more fun was the fact that we won 😉 The point of the game is that you get a word and you have to describe it in a way where it’s not too easy to guess.


That was the last thing we got to do there, even though I could’ve stayed for much longer.

After this experience, I’ve realized even more than before how much I love performing. It was my favorite aspect of figure skating but I never realized how many different ways of performing there are, and I’m so excited that I’ve found a way to be able to perform even after my skating career.


For Miss Finland, our next event will be on the 18th. It will be used as another training day, and then we will have our semi final at the end of the month where they will pick the Top 10 that continue onto the final! Hopefully, I will get to write about many more events! As cliche as it may sound, I feel so privileged and lucky to have gotten to be a part of this competition.

Until next time


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