Summer favorites

Today I wanted to share some of my summer favorites that I’ve been obsessing over this year…

This summer was kinda tricky because I brought a lot of the clothes that I wore in the Caribbean with me, thinking that I was gonna use them here too. BUT if you’ve ever visited Finland in the summer you’d know that there’s a veeeeery slight chance that it’ll get hot enough here to wear clothes that you’d wear in the caribbean.

Hence, why I’ve become obsessed with this jean jacket

I got it from Zara in Tallinn for 40 euros and it’s been worth every penny

Since I’m in Finland it means that there’s no such thing as “too many cute summer jackets”

This yellow one is from Bershka (also from Tallinn…clearly all I did there was shop)(jk Johanna was the best tour guide ever)(too many brackets) ….for 19 euros if I remember correctly

For some reason wearing it makes me pose with a duck face???

..speaking of yellow

HOW CUTE ARE THESE PANTS?! I saw them in black at Zara awhile ago and then a couple weeks later I saw this yellow pair on sale for 19 euros and it was love at first sight

My friend Teuvo hates them and told me they look like I’m preparing for a flood but I think he secretly loves them too 😉

I’ve also developed a weird obsession to bandanas?? I never even really wear them out, but they look super cute in photos sooooo…worth it.

I got both of them from h&m for 5ish euros

My mom thinks they make me look like a maid and even commented on my Instagram photo of me wearing it asking if it was cleaning day….

wasn’t kidding….

…anyways moving on

Another absolute favorite of mine from this summer has been these white heels

They’re the first pair of heels I’ve owned that I have yet to complain about. Comfiest shoes everrrrr, would recommend to everyone! I got them from Dinsko in Kuopio for 30euros 🙂

This isn’t really even summer related but it’s my blog so I can write about what I want okkkkk? Plus I bought them this summer so it kinda counts? Anyways, I think my grandpa used to have these exact same glasses back in the day I guess that’s where the inspiration came from….

I got them in Kuopio from Optikko Poca for 350euros.

and nooooo they’re not just for show, I need reading glasses and am actually wearing them right now B)


I have waaaay too many new favorites this summer but I’m just gonna leave it at that for now sooooo…


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