Euro trip

If you know me well, you’d know that I have an extremely difficult time staying in one city for too long. I get claustrophobic or something and absolutely have to buy a plane ticket somewhere.

Thankfully I have a couple friends who are always down for whatever crazy plans I’ve come up with. When I was on the ship I would entertain myself by creating a list of places that I wanted to go to. I quickly realized that it’s not so fun to plan every single flight and hotel and train when there are a million places you wanna go to. So instead of being organized, I decided that the “smartest” thing to do, would be to just book the first flight and figure it out from there….

My sister and I started the trip together in Athens, Greece. We only got to spend one day there but hooooly was it worth it. I, for some crazy reason, thought it would be a good idea to wear heels for the whole day of climbing to the top of Acropolis…don’t ask me why. BUT my outfit was cute so it was worth it 😉

After our speedy visit to Athens, we flew to Mykonos. If you’re into taking photos and instagramming, then this city is a MUST see. Every corner you turn on it just gets more and more beautiful. All the buildings are pure white and they have bright flowers everywhere. I was obsessed. I dont think I’ve ever taken as many photos as I did during this visit.

In Mykonos, Bettina and I were joined by Marjo and Anni. We hadn’t thought our sleeping arrangements through, so our first night all together we had to squeeze all four of us onto two single beds. Then we went up and had breakfast separately so we wouldn’t get in trouble with the hotel….shh.

Our first day all together we decided to go explore a secluded beach “Akios Sostis”, which was about a 30-minute drive from the city. So here’s a funny story; I learned to drive with an automatic car. In Canada, you can get your drivers license without ever having driven a manual car. However, the car we have in Finland is standard, so once a year I drive it maybe once or twice just to practice.

In Mykonos, my loooovely friends decided that I should be the one to drive…

To Anni’s and Bettina’s defense, they weren’t old enough to drive a rented car so they’re forgiven but marjo…you owe me.

The rental car was some super old, air condition less, literal piece of crap. and of course manual. Imagine not exactly knowing how to even work the car, then having to drive it in a city where people have never followed any rules of the road in their life, and then picture me sweating in the car praying I don’t kill all of us.

…To my surprise, we managed to get there in one piece and had one of the best days ever.

Our next stop was Rome, Italy. Goooorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

We decided to dedicate the day for being tourists and visited the Colosseum and Fontano De Trevi

After exploring our options of what city or country we wanted to see next, we decided to stay in Italy and go visit Romeo and Juliets home town Verona. How romantic right? (Side note: I’m probably the least romantic person in the world and get extremely uncomfortable with anything even slightly romantic. The only reason I was okay with this trip was because it was just us girls.) anywhooooo.. It ended up being a really cute little city and it was a nice change after busy Rome.

Then of course, if you’re in Italy you can’t not visit Milan right???

Anni and Bettina had bought their return flights home from Milan the day after we got there, so we had to move fast and go visit the Duomo cathedral and have our last dinner all together

We four named ourselves “reppanas” which I’m not quite sure what the English equivalent would be, but the closest I can think of is “poor thing”. It was a silly inside joke that caught on after all our little mishaps. We would literally spend hours at random ice cream shops with all of our luggage since our hostel hadn’t opened its doors yet.

We always wanted the cheapest flights that would land crazy early in the morning and to our disadvantage hotel, check-in time doesn’t usually start until around 2pm…so we ended up just being bums in restaurants waiting for time to pass.

After Italy, Marjo and I were not ready to head home yet. We searched for flights somewhere close and ended up finding one to Barcelona for only 40 euros. Being the shopaholics we are, we almost missed our flight and were put on stand by. Which meant we had to wait and see if someone wouldn’t show up, allowing us to take their seats. (I guess that’s what you get for buying stupidly cheap flights)

As you can see we made it! By the time we made it to Barcelona, we had wasted most of our money so we had to find the tiniest little room where we could just come to sleep. When I say small I’m not kidding….

But if you’re with good company, the location doesn’t really matter 😉

Barcelona was probably my favorite out of all the cities during our trip. We stayed right by one of the most popular streets called “La Rambla”. On that street, they have a huuuuge outdoor market with delicious fresh food, and flowers and everything cute.

By this point of our trip we were already super tired, so we took advantage of the huge beach and hung out there all day long.

For some reason, I have zero pictures from the beach?? That’s how you can tell I was really tired ahah…but those above pictures were taken from our walk to the beach.

Barcelona was our last stop before heading back to Finland broke & tired, but tan & very happy.

I already have a thousand ideas for my next trip and by this rate I’m going to need to become a millionare….so if anyone out there knows how to win the lottery don’t be scared to contact me.


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