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Oh helloooo, long time no see! I’ve decided to redo my whole blog and I’m obsessed with the new look of it! hope you are too 😉 This time I promise I’m gonna keep writing without monthly breaks ahaha….

SO, I wanna make a quick recap of the past couple months of my life

If you ever read my blog before you know that I spent 6 months in the caribbean on a cruise ship doing skating shows! I promised to blog a lot when I was there, but you’d be surprised at how hard it is to get good wifi when you’re in the middle of the ocean…so that didn’t go as promised! But now I’m in Finland on vacation..ish so I’ll have more than enough time to chat with you all! (probably 2 of you now since I’ve been so poopy at this)

After getting off the ship I spent a month in Vancouver on vacation and caught up with friends and family and pretty much just tried out new restaurants (shoutout to my personal vancity food tour guide @janicejoostema) and then it was time for me to head to Finland! I’ve been in Finland now for a couple months but did a quick Spain-Italy-Greece vacay too! …I’ll write about that in my next post!

I was supposed to originally head back home on 20.8 but that plan has now changed! After coming home from the ship my mom encouraged me to apply for the “Miss Finland” competition and I thought why not and applied…to my disappointed I never heard back from them when they had chosen their top 50.

I was sad but thought oh well, and bought my tickets to Finland and planned to coach at a couple skating summer camps instead. When I was done packing I started talking on the phone with a friend while lazily scrolling through my junk mail, I noticed I had missed a message from Sunneva Kantola (the organizer of Miss Finland) inviting me as one of the chosen top 50 to a casting for their semifinal.

When I read it I realized that the date had already passed, meaning I had missed the event and was still all the way in Vancouver. I was sooooo so so annoyed at myself.

When I got to my layover in London I decided to try my luck and send an email back explaining my silly situation. To my surprise I received a reply asking if I could still make it to the semifinal week for their top20 girls. I quickly made up my mind and replied of course!

…..when I got to Helsinki they wanted to do a separate casting for me as they had never met nor seen me live before. As you can assume it went really well and they decided to make an exception for the years semifinalists and have 21 girls instead of 20! I was soooooo excited and thankful. Then I spent a week with all the girls at a house called “Villa Grande”. We got to sit in on lots of seminars of different speakers and learnt the ins and outs of what it means to be a “missi”. After the week was over we were all sent home. After that week there’s been  couple events where we were all invited to represent Miss Finland. I was honestly surprised at how well I got along with all the girls and I managed to actually make some really good friends.

We have our semifinal at the end of next month, where they will choose the 10 finalists…dundundunnn.

So there you have a suuuuper quick summary of this Miss Finland stuff and I can promise I’m gonna be writing a lot more about it soooon 🙂

Hopefully now that this blog looks a lot prettier than before I’ll be motivated to write more often!

Until next time xxx

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  • Janice Joostema

    Written on July 24, 2017


    I miss you so much baby! Such a good post! And the website looks so good!

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