best day ever

hi!! I’d like to just start this blog by announcing that my little brother Benjam Papp has just become the new Finnish Junior mens champion! so proud of my little munchkin he needs to stop growing up so fast.

So…I could not let myself not blog about the best experience ever. If you know me well and know that some of my daily hobbies include napping and eating, then it’s no surprise when I tell you that I have an obsession to sloths. Yes, the very unattractive lazy animal that pretty much only exists to sleep…..umm where do I sign up???


LOOK AT HIM!!..Or sorry, *her* her name was Olivia and I fell in love at first sight.


I might have cried just a little bit. They look very coarse and heavy but their fur is actually softer than I thought and they were not heavy at all. She barely moved the whole time, except to occasionally give me a tighter hug, and even now just writing about it I want to cry.


The only part that was slightly uncomfortable was their long nails that dug into my skin, but I’ll just consider it a gentle love scratch 🙂

The place we went to was called “Daniel Johnson’s Sloth Hang Out”. So if you ever find yourself in Roatan Honduras, I would highly recommend you to go check it out. The animals seemed very happy and it was nice to see that they were allowed to be in the nature freely instead of kept in cages the whole time.

They also had monkeys and parrots roaming around


She was almost as cute as the sloth.

I also surprised myself by being brave enough to hold a bird. I think birds are creepy af and could poke my eye out any second. Like how weird are birds if you really think about it?!! Please tell me I’m not the only one who has this phobia??

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….eventually I managed to get over myself and kept both of my eyes so I’d call it a successful day?

I have a bunch more I want to write about but I don’t wanna make this a super duper long post so I’ll save it for next time!


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