Off shore

Hiiiiii long time no see!!

Once again I’ve started a new and exciting journey that involves me being away from home for months at a time!

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I’ve now been working for Royal Caribbean Cruise ships for a little over a month and I absolutely love it. Believe it or not I’m here because of figure skating. They have a small icer ink on the actual cruise ship itself! The ship I’m on is called Liberty of the seas and we have an ice cast of 10 skaters. five girls, five boys and one special act.

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Our ship goes to all these amazing sunny places like jamaica, cozumel, grand cayman just to name a few.

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you’re probably thinking how the f’ck is hanging out on a beach a paying job???! well let me tell ya. We perform two times a day twice a week, which makes four shows a week, on top of that we help the dancers backstage with their quick changes, as well as working the desk when there is skating for the guests! The best perk is, we never work when the ship is ย in port, because all the guests are off the ship so we get to get off too and go explore!!

The show itself is absolutely ahmaaaazing. It’s called “encore” and I am the “rock n roll girl” which is super fun.

Right now I’m sitting at a poolside restaurant in Jamaica so I apologize for my choppy writing but I just wanted to update all of you that still check up on me!

I’m much better at updating my instagram @beatapapp so you can find more pictures on there:)

Hope you enjoyed my very short blog post for today I’ll keep updating my new adventures as they come

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