Da helloo! I havent blogged about skating in a while which feels very very strange! So let me get to it. I’m currently in Vaasa, Finland coaching at the Vaasa skating club with my mom. I’m in charge of choreographing new programs for all the girls! I’ve managed to finish three programs so far, (we’ve been here for a week) and I have two almost done, and five waiting to start…..phew.


side note: I’ve been obsessively getting my nails done and right now they’re pissing me off like crazy cause they’re so long that I’m typing like a

d e g e n e r a t e .


I’m in looove with being a choreographer. I feel like my whole skating career and all the things I’ve learned, and all the wonderful choreographers I’ve worked with come together and work so perfectly in the moment that I have to come up with programs. Personally, my biggest inspiration has been Mark Pillay. Mark choreographed my programs for the last couple years that I skated and I loved every single program. For me its crucial to have a program where every movement has a purpose and goes hand in hand with the music. Mark’s programs are so easy to identify because every step and hand movements goes with the music. SO that’s what I try to accomplish when I’m the one making the programs! check out one of my favourite pieces by him here

I remember feeling like I did all the movements how he asked but still they weren’t good enough for him. I completely understand where he’s coming from now. When you’re on the other side of things, you see the potential of the skater maybe more than they do themselves. So I wanna thank Mark for never settling with “good enough” and pushing  me to always do better. thats what I’m trying to do now with my girls! Funny how life works.


The transition from being an athlete to becoming a coach has been so natural and everyday feels like I’m doing what I love. 

Seeing the smiling faces of the girls when they figure out the choreography is the best reward of all! 🙂



Watch out for Vaasa girls next season Finland 😉


ALSO, I’m super excited for next month,as I get to join the coaching team at iceDOME Finland! I’ll make sure to write a couple blogs from there as well 🙂





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