Ready, Set, No 

I completely skipped blogging about one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. I’m the type of person that loves to talk about all the exciting and scary things I want to try but then end up being a complete chicken when it comes down to it. So for my 21st birthday this past April my boyfriend surprises me by taking me bungee jumping. I literally had about an hour of time to freak the fuck out. Excuse my language. Meanwhile my boyfriend seemed very calm because he had days to calm himself down. Totally unfair. I’m used to being the one in our relationship that plans things. For Christmas I told my little sister what I wanted, knowing he would ask her for ideas hehe. Anyways back to me throwing myself off a cliff! So if you’re like me, and imagine the whole process of bungee jumping to be very thought out and well explained, you’re wrong. This is how it all went down. We got there, signed our life away, were put into a harness, and then escorted to the edge of the bridge. No instructions no safety lesson no technique tips nothing!!


I’m a figure skater so I’m used to having clear guidelines and technique whenever executing any sort of element. So for me, just being told to “jump off” is not a clear instruction at all. What do I do with my arms? Legs?? Jump up or away from the bridge??? Long story short I ended up looking like a screaming rag doll.


Scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I wanted to do it again the second they pulled me up.


Nope it did not hurt, yes it is completely worth it and yes I have the best boyfriend ever.


If you wanna be a dare devil (living in vancouver) and do this as well, go to




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