I’m just gonna skip the whole paragraph about how I suck at posting regularly cause I think you have all caught on to that by now….woopsie

I’ve been obsessing over makeup this past month, since I actually have money to invest in “good brands” for once in my life.

I wanted to share a couple of my absolute favourites, since I’ve been getting lots of compliments and questions about the new stuff I’ve been using! yaaaaaay

I have extremely pale skin on my face, compared to the rest of my body since I tend to wear makeup on a daily basis soooo when I came across this product I was in love


as you can see it’s the Sephora brand “Gradual self-tanning face water”I use it usually right before I go to bed or before I do my make up. I’ve personally noticed a huge change!

nexttt up is another amazing product for your skin. I got this from shoppers for around $10 and its made my blemishes almost completely disappear! I wish I found this when I was still skating and was sweating on top of my make up….maybe this will give me motivation to work out…haaa haaa


It’s Garnier’s BB cream that also has a daily anti-acne treatment in the mix. For my skin I use the colour light/medium and I wear it as the first layer of my makeup!

One of my biggest pet-peeves is when the darkness under my eyes isn’t fully covered, or when the mascara from my bottom lashes dusts off onto my eyebags (ugHGHH) I found that this concealer does NOT come off even if I have to wipe off the fallen mascara! (lovelovelove!)


I bought it from Sephora. It’s the Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer pencil. I don’t think its specifically made for under eyes buuuuut if you get a lighter colour than your actual skin tone it’ll be bomb.com

on top of this concealer I dust on the Laura Mercier mineral powder in “soft Porcelain” to make it stick that much better.


Another one of my new found obsessions by Laura Mercier is their highlighter. This highlighter is amazing cause it doesn’t really shine unless it hits the light. I’m not a big fan of highlighters that make you look like a fairy or like you’ve just left the disco. SO if you’re like me, you will love it!


I use the color ” indiscretion”  and I apply it on my cheek bones all the way to my hair line above my ear.

My babe of a sister Bettina ( go creep her instagram @bep.xo) has an even bigger makeup obsession than I do (if possible) and she doesn’t mind feeding my obsession. So for my birthday she got me the BEST lipstick and eyeshadow. They’re both by Kat Von D, and this brand is literally the most durable one I’ve ever tried on. The eye shadow palette (in the colour PLUM) will last me a lifetime, since you barely need to put any on, and it sticks and shows.



and let me tell you about the lipstick……wooooowwowowow. I love to overline my lips since I have none (boo) so it’s really important to me that it sticks on! This one, i can eat and talk and go on for hours without re applying it once. I now have three different colours of the same brand but the colour “bow n arrow” that Bettina first got me is still my fave.


The only one I didn’t like is the colour “noble”looks super cute in the packaging but when you put it on it turns a gross orange, would not recommend!

To make all of this nonsense (as my dad would call it) stick on my face, I spray on Urban Decay de-slick makeup setting spray, to make my makeup last all day! wow I should be a poet.


Lastlyyyy I am loving the Chloé brand perfumes and am currently obsessing over the Rose de chloé one.


But pls dont steal my new signature scent.

I’m trying to find a good new bronzer so pls help a girl out if you know any.

So these are my top 10 favourite products for right now, they’ll probably change within a month but oh well! Hopefully you caught my makeup obsession and we can all be cake faces together.






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