Day in the life

If you didn’t know already, I have become a movie star!!!

…lol I wish.

(how conceited did you think I was for a second there)

BUT I did however get to experience what it is like to be part of a movie set.


First and foremost my absolute favorite part was waking up looking tragic and marching straight into hair and make up with my pale face and frizzy hair. As I was sipping my morning coffee (aka love of my life) I was being pampered, and for once I was kind of a morning person.


( actual picture of me when I wake up^ )

Once the hair and makeup team made me look alive, I ran to this little magical van that had all kinds of  food. Obviously I ended up only grabbing a quick muffin, since I prefer to sleep until the very last minute, rather than getting up at a reasonable time and enjoying my breakfast.

Finally it’s time to actually start. Turns out in the movie industry the amount of sitting  you do is pretty much the most difficult part. I would get to go on the ice for maybe 10 minutes at a time and then it was back to sitting and waiting for my turn.

We ended up getting so bored that unbraiding (is that a word?) a thousand braids became our main source of entertainment, since the location we were at didn’t have any phone service…..I wish I was joking.


before my hair got cut off, we killed time by making a YouTube video! I learned very fast that I am an extremely awkward person when you put me on camera. But you can watch the video here

And if you know me you know that I am sickly obsessed with taking pictures of pretty places, so of course my phone is filled with hundreds of scenery photos that look identical.



12810350_10154005802918724_35359055_o (1)

we start filming again soon, and this time I will actually get to skate around on indoor ice instead of extremely scary and questionable outdoor ice that I kept falling through (again, I wish I was joking)

I’ve been going to practice almost everyday this week and my cardio is slowly but surely getting a liiiiiittle bit better so keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t have a heart attack in the middle of my show next weekend…

I am sad to admit that the gym membership I purchased a month ago has not been used once…  oh well #fitfam #fatfam only a letter difference so basically the same thing….??

until next time!


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