I think its safe to say that this blog of mine is quickly becoming the most neglected little project I started. Contrary to popular belief, I swear I’m almost more busy now than I was when I was skating…..ok that might be a lie, but blogging takes a lot of time ok!

Nowadays when I’m not preoccupied with procrastinating about my homework, I work as a  server. Everyone should work as a server once in their life because hooooooooly can some customers be assh*les. If you’re one of those people that gives a server attitude if you don’t get what you want the second you ask for it then stahhhp it. Next time you go to a restaurant, just observe your server for a couple minutes. I bet you $10000 that you’re gonna see him/her running around the restaurant like a maniac, whilst stopping at multiple tables to have casual conversation with the customers acting as if they have all the time in the world. Meanwhile they should be getting more water, bringing food to tables, clearing tables, getting rid of dirty plates, bringing someone their cheque, separating a huge bill into 20 different ones etc etc etc. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY CUSTOMER THAT YOUR SERVER HAS. SO CHILL. ok rant over.

My family plus a couple extras, decided to come visit me at work. You think “awww thats so nice of them!” until I tell you that my older brother ordered his coke with one ice cube and three lemons and a lime…….

Jokes on him cause theres no way I would’ve ever done that.

God bless my mom who let me order for her, as well as tip myself on her behalf. Definition of a real mvp.




besides work, I went on a trip to mexico for christmas and had the best time ever. If you ever need to book an all inclusive vacation, I strongly recommend going to a RIU resort. they have the best food, best staff and ahhhmazing beaches and pools. I will be going back to mexico with my mom and little brother in a couple months for a skating camp, so thats super exciting!


My little brother and I are also going to be doing a small ice show in Nelson BC in the middle of march, which means that I have to get back in shape…….

I told myself that I would keep going to the gym couple times a week so I would stay in shape after I retired but surprise surprise that did not end up happening. Turns out it is extremely hard to get the motivation to work out when you don’t have a set schedule with a trainer. But running around in heels at works kinda counts right….??? So I have been trying to go on the ice a couple times a month so I don’t fall flat on my face when I have to perform.  It’s very sad to see how fast you forget how to do everything. Lets just say the last time I went on the ice I was happy to land a double jump. maybe cause instead of the gym I eat stuff like this…..


…and yes those are gold flakes in my salted caramel sauce (insert princess emoji)

Anywhoooo to the few of you that care (shutout to my parents) I will try to update this blog more often and share my shenanigans with you.







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